At Sandwich Sandwich, our service style exemplifies a commitment to culinary excellence and customer satisfaction.


Ever since the sandwich was created by the Earl of Sandwich, the traditional sandwich has been a mainstay staple diet of the British public not only for lunch but quite often for other times of the day. 

The ethos of Sandwich Sandwich is to produce a quality product which is hand-made and produced to order every day in order to satisfy the needs and requirements of its loyal customers and does, in fact, provide an effective all-day dining experience.  It is sometimes said by customers that Sandwich Sandwich has redefined what a “sandwich meal” should be!

In addition to its award-winning sandwiches, Sandwich Sandwich also produces other quality products including legendary homemade cheesecakes (Oreo, Biscoff and Lemon) and of course its now famous Scotch Egg.

We offer a fully customisable menu, allowing customers to tailor their sandwiches to their exact preferences, ensuring a bespoke and personalised dining experience with friendly and quick service.


Available in store & online


Available in store & online