Social & Partnerships

In line with our expansion strategy, we actively pursue partnerships with some of the UK’s biggest brands. This fuel ours innovative streak and broadens our reach within the market, cementing our place as a leader in the industry.


Our social media presence has proven to be exceptionally potent, boasting an impressive 6.8% engagement rate and over 100,000 followers on instagram, with strong daily growth.

Our social and digital marketing has been seen to actively engage and convert new customers across both in store and catering sides of the business. We know from the stats collected from both our store and Uber Eats, that the customer base has began to grow beyond the area of Bristol, with vistors to the store often noting that they have travelled long distances to sample our products.

This virality rate of our campaigns gives us an excellent base to promote our offering via social and digital marketing in new cities and locations.




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