INvestment CAse

Sandwich Sandwich is a revenue generating, product progressive and digitally savvy business leading the way in the fast casual dining space.


Nick and his team are always looking to develop new products and ensure that its various suppliers provide the business with the highest quality to match the product that is continually being produced for the loyal customers of Sandwich Sandwich.

The company’s vision is to ensure that it has an insatiable appetite to focus on aspects of the business that it can control being the quality of its produce and the service levels the company prides itself on. In this regard, all new employees have to be properly trained and go through an intensive induction programme and this will be ever important as the business grows into other parts of the UK with London being the primary focus.

Our aspiration is to grow Sandwich Sandwich organically starting in London then big cities across the UK and also internationally with strategic franchise partners that posses the same passion, ethos and vision as us.

Sandwich Sandwich is currently exploring active opportunities around new locations and operational investment raises which will see us expanding into 2024 and beyond.


Sandwich Sandwich intends to expand away from its Bristol roots and has identified London as the next obvious geographical location in order to expand and create new markets. The company is already actively looking for suitable sites across London but probably will look to start in the city and shopping centers, where there is such a concentration of office workers, shoppers and other potential customers. This will provide not only undoubted footfall but huge opportunities for the catering side of the business not forgetting the delivery which is organised through UberEats.

To accommodate the anticipated demand, the company will be looking for sites that are at least 2,000sqft for takeway and 800sqft for kiosk operations. The company believes that across London Sandwich Sandwich could open many sites, but will also look to expand beyond London over time and, in addition, to explore franchising opportunities both UK-wide and internationally.

As part of our long-term strategy, we aim to expand the Sandwich Sandwich brand across the UK, including other non high street outlets such as: stadiums, airports, train stations, and shopping centres. Each of these venues presents unique opportunities to bring our innovative sandwich experience to a wider audience.

Exectutive Summary